translations from Finnish, English, French and Spanish
into Finnish and English

I translate from English, French and Spanish into my mother tongue Finnish and from Finnish, French and Spanish into English.
My areas of expertise are humanities, information technology, particularly software and Internet, journalism, music, photography, social sciences and tourism.

I am a licensed translator from English to Finnish and member of the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters.

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My daily output is up to six thousand English, French or Spanish words and four thousand Finnish words1. My pricing is moderate and my translation software state-of-the-art.

As source files, I accept MS Office formats (DOC, PPT, XLS) and text formats (RTF, TTX, TXT, HTML, XML, etc.).

You can view and purchase my photographs at Alamy and Pond5.

Heikki Nylund

words of wisdom

Words come to my tongue like mosquitoes to wine.

- Miguel de Cervantes: "El coloquio de los perros"

But they die happy.

- a waitress in Puerto Varas, Chile

translated from Spanish by Yours Truly

I was born to ski!

Born to ski!

photo: Matti Nylund (my father)
(scanned from 24 mm x 36 mm
contact print)

  1. The reason for the difference in the word output between English, French and Spanish, on one hand, and Finnish, on the other, is that Finnish is an agglutinative language with longer words with more information than prefixative languages, such as English, French and Spanish. For example, fi 'sydämessäni' = en 'in my heart'. Here the word stem 'sydäme-' (heart, nominative singular 'sydän') is followed by the inessive case ending '-ssä' (in) and the possessive suffix '-ni' (my).
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